Family Members

Pipers as of December 31, 2020

Individual Members

Abraham, Pamela Leffler, E. Fred and Margaret Barr, Karol
Abruzese, Robert and Linda Corrigan Linn, John and Barbara Bench, Johnny
Adelman, Gary and Barbara Liska, Mark and Marie Brown, Carla
Adkins, Robert and Marilyn Little, Jeffrey and Katherine Christian, Thomas
Ahern, Jack and Marlene Lobdell, Susan and Michael McGovern Clair, Nancy
Ajemian, Ronald and Dorothy Logan, William and Susan Murphy Clark, Steven
Aldrich, Peter and Mary Lee Loyd, Peter and Suzanne Cullen, Lori
Allega, Jim and Laura Lydon, Austin and Linda Daniel, David Wayne
Aloia Jr., Frank and Nancy Lysaker, Pete and Judy Deming, Ann
Aloia Sr., Frank and Lauren MacKay, Donald and Wendy Mackay Dittrich, Marilyn
Anciaux, Herb and Marcia MacLaren, Donald and Linda Donohoe, Peter
Anderson, David and Kathleen Major, James and Lynn Ehinger, Wendell
Aranda, Michael and Jessica Manone, Vito and Linda Frederic, Heidi
Asher, Kenneth and Gwen Marco, Michael and Patricia Gilmore, Sara
Austin, David and Joanne Mariani, Daniel and Susan Glaser, Donald
Bagans, Carl and Rosetta Martin, Robert and Pamela Globetti, Karen
Bailey, Robert and Betty Marucci, Joseph and Elizabeth Grady, Suzanne
Baisch, Wister and Harriet Mast, Dale and Marilou Guffrey, Theresa
Barkley, Bradford and Alejandra Mast, Tony and Bridget Gurry, William
Barr, John and Ginna McArthur, Michael and Mary Hager, Henry
Bates, Brian and Sheila McDermott, Richard and Virginia Haley, Peter
Bean, Richard and Janet McElwee, Paul and Gayle Rosemann Harris, Donald
Bear, Gerald and Sarah McGuire, Ray and Judy Hopkins, Neil
Beasley, Bruce and Theresa McHugh, Larry and Linda Hull, Linda
Beaulieu, Raymond and Barbara McKenna, Daniel and Holly Hutchens, Patricia
Bennett, David and Wendy McNeill, Vincent and Dainee Johnson, Donald
Benson, Marc and Linda McWilliams, John and Rosemary Johnson, Dr. William
Berkmeyer, Richard and Barbara Midtgaard, Thomas and Ann Keeler, Mark
Berry, Carlton and Joanne Milbourn, Frank and Sandy Kohn, Jean
Bessler, Phil and Judy Minton, Daniel and Mary Kus, Eric
Bevins, Matthew and Amanda Mitchell, Gregory and Kelly Lekan, Joyce
Bjorne, Ralph and Susan Mizener, Bill and LuAnn Lightbody, Sylvia
Blakely, Keith and Rhonda Moore Jr., John and Neicey Marckesano, Mitzi
Bonasera, Henry and Eileen Moss, P. Howard and Suzanne McKenna, Scott
Bone, Dennis and Denise Moss, Robert and Kathy McNeill, George
Bowling, Donald and Harriet Mosse, George and Judy McQuaid, Louis
Bracalente, Thomas and Janet Mucci, Paul and Joyce Michaelson, Evan
Bray, Jeff and Eileen Mugford, Robert and Cathy Minott, Phyllis
Breeze, David and Patty Mullin, Lloyd and Nancy Jamieson-Mullin Moore, Jim
Broling, Fred and Janet Mullin, Mike and Kay Mullen, Donna
Bruno, John and Ernestine Murphy, Dennis and Linda Natale, Linda
Buckley, Thomas and Natalie Murphy, Thomas and Janet Nicely, Richard
Burke, Samuel and Kelly Murray, Robert and Frances Palen, Howard
Burke, William and Karen Shulman Neff, Robert and Barbara Roberto, Norma
Burns, John and Barbara Neiheiser, William and Tonia Kwiatkowski Ross, Betty Jean
Burnside, Kenneth and Debbie Niarchos, Thomas and Celeste Ross, Robert
Calabrese, Lawrence and Susan Nichols, Bobby and Nancy Ruggles, Janet
Callahan, Brian and Mary Ann Nichols, Craig and Cherlynn Sayers, Stan
Callans, Tom and Patricia Niederriter, Ted and Karen Schaefer, Cathy
Cameratta, Joseph and Barbara O'Brien, William and Joann Shortlidge, Stephen
Cameron, Paul and Jane Ogan, Russell and Kathi Skillman, Barbara
Campbell, Bob and Jackie Speas Ohlsson, Edvard and Bodil Smith, George
Campbell, Joseph and Patricia Orbe, Paul and Tara Smith, Robb
Caplice, Tom and Kathleen Orlow, William and Gayle Stone, Scott
Carlson, Martin and Anne Osborn, David and Carol Streep, Kathie
Carroll, Paul and Dianne Paganelli, John and Diane Swanson, Anna
Case, Thomas and Lynda Palisin, Terry and Jane Thomas, Jack
Cecchini, Robert and Louise Pallotta, Jack and Pat Tuccillo, Marie
Ciampaglio Jr., Tony and Francine Paloci, Henry and Cheryl Twehues, Thomas
Cieslik, Phillip and Nancy Lacey Paluck, Vic and Pam Urso, Joan
Clapp, Joseph and Helen Panucci, Robert and Wyn Usher, James
Clement, Mark and Luisa Passi, Ettore and Elena Van der Mey, Katherine
Cliff, Roger and Cathy Pearson, L. John and Christine Wagner, Paula
Coffey, William and Mary Ellen Pearson, Paul and Anne Wilkinson, Janis
Cohane, Timothy and Edna Peck, Jeffrey and Kayla Williams, Joan
Conway, Francis and Carol Ann Peshkin, Richard and Sandra Penkalski Witmer, Lee
Corwen, Albert and Catherine Petersen, Dennis and Clair Ziegenfuss, Bob
Costello, Jack and Paula Petersen, Gary and Patricia  
Courtney, John and Carol Pflieger, Keith and Lisa  
Cowden, Cary and Lori Phillips, Larry and Agnes  
Crane, Beth Phillips, William and Nancy  
Crowther, David and Karen Jo Pinion, Joe and Mary Frances  
Crowther Sr., Lee and Linda Pirrong, Jan and Christine  
Curry, Robert and Diane Posner, K. Mitchell and Elizabeth  
Daleiden, Mark and Cheri Powell, David and Betty  
D'Andrea, Robert and Marcia Powell, Tracy and Ann  
Davis, Richard and Judi Pratt, Victor and Jean  
Davison, Fenton and Marilyn Price, Bradley and Carol  
Dealy, Edwin and Lynn Psiris, Jack and Doreen Kostel  
Delaney, Bill and Cheryl Purtz, Richard and Tina Goldstein  
Den, Larry and Dale Rathje, David and Debra  
DiBenedetto, Thomas and Linda Rauch, Glen and Patricia  
Dickson, Eric and Carlotta Sue Ray, Stephen and Janet  
DiSanto, Alec and Loli Rayborn, Ken and Carol  
Dobbie, Dennis and Kathleen Rhodes, Michael and Erin  
Dodd, Philip and Lynn Courtney Rice, Jeffrey and Bobbi  
Doherty, Christopher and Sheryl Rogers, Jack and Sue  
Donahoe, Keith and Diana Rohner, Craig and Lois  
Dooley, James and Mary Romano, Jim and Michelle  
Dorsey, Kathy and Robert Ropeid, Steinar and Luann Smith  
Downing, William and Karen Rose, Bob and Susan Early  
Dunphy, Roger and Barbara Ross, J Thompson and Mary  
Dwyer, James and Cindy Ross, Rob  
Dwyer, John and Lisa Saturley, Thomas and Eleanor Baker  
Eaton, Rolland and Carol Savage, Stewart and Esther  
Erznoznik, Michael and Kim Sawyer, Michael and Karen  
Everly, Ronald and Mona Schmitz, Jay and Carol  
Fairchild, William and Anita Schoenfeld, Lawrence and Leslie  
Fitzgerald, Michael and Betsey Schofield-Chard, Phyllis and Richard Chard  
Fraccola, Philip and Kelley Scully, James and Mary  
French, Glen and Gayle Seide, Steven and Claire  
Garrett, Marvin and Sonia Shafer, Scott and Susan  
Gatien, Wayne and Bev Ferguson Shaw, Tim and Marsha  
Gentlemen, John Sherman, Betteann and Martin  
Gillette, Carl and Carol Sherman, Michael and Audrey  
Gilmore, Kevin and Linda Shively, Nelson and Bethany  
Girard, David and Susan Sicard, Edward and Gail  
Glatz, Chuck and LeeLee Siddons, Ernest and Diane  
Glenn, Dale and Chris Sidell, Peter and Mary Kay  
Goldberg, David Simmering, Bryan and Cassandra  
Goldberg, Harvey and Bobbi Simmons, Gus and Tina DiCharia  
Goodin, Charles and Mary Ann Smedley, Vernon and Marianne  
Gorman, Daniel and Jeanne Smith Smith, Bradley and Ann Shover  
Grainger, Luther and Sally Smith, Cynthia and Roger  
Grantham, Robert and Sharon Smith, Russell and Lena  
Gray, Corkey and Jane Sousa, Richard and Ann Marie  
Gray, John and Lynn Spatharos, John and Mary Ann  
Gregory, Victor and Ann Marie Stamm, Charles and Mapes  
Gulisano, George and Carmen Stamps, Jim and Janet  
Haines, Bruce and Jo Ann Stevens, Donald and Loretta  
Hall, Jim and Phyllis Stevens, E. Dean and Cora  
Hall, Johnny and Donna Stewart, Philip and Lynn  
Hall, Johnny and Lee Meyers Stitt, William and Claire  
Hamister, Gina and Dick Durfee Swanson, Steven and Julia  
Harned, Ben and Christa Swartz, Trevor  
Heard, Jerry and Michael Szabo Sr., Andrew and Carmen Cordes  
Hearsum, Geoffrey and Carolyn Teitelman, Steven and Susan  
Hegel, Tom and Andy Collins Thorstenson, Robert and Diane  
Hendrickson, Stephen and Barbara Tonino, Pietro and Gwen  
Higginson, Ian and Emily Torrisi, Thomas and Marianne  
Hohenbrink, Ronald and Cheryl Townsend, Beau and Julie  
Hooper, Patrick and Deborah Travis, Donna  
Horowitz, William and Andrea Trolio, Anthony and Juliana  
Horvath, Ernest and Paula Tuffo, Peter and Kristi  
Howard, David and Diana Van Daalen, Jay and Adelle  
Howell, L. Michael and Kela Vecchione, Neko and Pamela  
Hurley, Brian and Lynn Mitchell Vella, Paul and Liz  
Hurley, John and Gale Patterson Vogel, Perry and Diane  
Hutchcraft, Coy and Anne Voight, Patrick and Martha  
Hyman, Thomas and Cindy Wagner, Stephen and Charlotte  
Incledon Jr., James and Anna Warren, Harry and Lisa Byrd  
Jackson, Park and Sally Welch, James and Carol  
Janego, Richard and Debra Welsh, David  
Kaas, Donald and Bobbie Welsh, Debby and Rob Lynch  
Kalina, Richard and Roberta Paravati Wendland, Chris and Brenda  
Katzman, Elliot and Donna Wendland, Howard and Ellen  
Keating, Richard and Barbara Whitehead, Holly and John Pica  
Kelly, Richard (Dick) and Mary Ann Whitley, Jeffrey and Kathy  
Kerr, William and Susan Wilder, Warren and Lynn  
Kessler, Hans and Donna Wilson, Charles and Cathy  
King, Thomas and Patricia Wolken, Gerald and Jacque  
Kircher, Gary and Linda Woodman, Ralph and Barbara  
Klauder, Jeffrey and Susan Wright, Harold and Debra  
Kosup, Bert and Katie Wright, Jeffrey and Sheri  
Krauss, Richard and Cathy Xenakis, Mathew and Linda  
Kritzler, David and Peg Zempel, Dale and Carole  
Lancellot, Michael and Joan Zurawski, James and Sonya  
LaPointe, Brian and Wendy    
Lawson, Robert and Susan